Self Employed / Lo-Doc Loan

Many financial institutions have strict criteria you must meet before they will approve your application. At FaradayWest we understand that not everyone has access to extensive financial documents and that being self employed should not hinder your ability to obtain finance. We have a number of lending products designed specifically for the self employed to make the process simple and easy.

FaradayWest is able to provide Lo-Doc loan options with some significant features, such as:

Key Features

  • Loan amount $100,000 – $5,000,000
  • Residential or Commercial security required
  • No Business Activity Statements or trading statements required
  • No need for tax returns or financial statements
  • Full loan features such as redraw, ATM access, internet banking etc
  • Owner occupied purchase for residential and commercial
  • Investment purchase for residential and commercial
  • Debt consolidation / reduce your monthly commitment
  • Construction options available
  • Cash out available
  • Refinance – Cash out equity
  • Credit Impaired
  • Arrears
  • If it makes rational sense we will listen
  • Tell us your story
  • We understand the self employed

At FaradayWest we strive to make lending easier not harder for small business, it is in fact our passion to help business owners achieve their financial goals.