If you have a complaint about Faraday West, we want to hear it!

You can call us on (03) 8862 3800.

If you prefer to mail, fax or email your complaint, please send to:

The Complaints Officer

Faraday West
PO Box 850, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Fax: (03) 9819 5711


 What we will do when we receive your complaint?

Where possible, we will resolve your complaint on the spot.  If we need some additional time to get back to you, we will let you know.

We will acknowledge the complaint.  This may be done in person or by phone, post or email, within 48 hours after receipt of your complaint.  We will tell you the name and contact details of the person handling your complaint.

How long it may take to resolve your complaint?

We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.  For most complaints, the complaint should be resolved within seven days.  Some complaints take longer to resolve.  Complaint resolution can take up to 30 days.  We will let you know why it is taking longer, what is happening and a date by which you can reasonably expect a response.

How we assess a complaint?

We aim to find a fair solution to your complaint taking into consideration all relevant information, the law, industry guidelines and common sense.

What if I’m still not satisfied?

If you feel we have not fairly resolved your complaint, you can refer your complaint to our ASIC approved external dispute resolution service:

Credit & Investment Ombudsman Ltd (CIO)

PO Box A252, Sydney South NSW 1235

Phone:   1800 138 422

Fax: (02) 9273 8440